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Dr. Shea

My journey to Manifest Wellness Spa began many years ago. I’ve worked as a naturopathic doctor for over 25 years and assisted many clients to overcome major disease states such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, dialysis, infertility, and much more.

My faith and confidence in natural healing came after my own personal experience of overcoming lupus, fibromyalgia, a brain tumor, partial blindness, Guillain-Barré syndrome, infertility, and more. Our health is governed by a powerful force that is always working to restore normal structure and function to our body.

Knowing that fact, the Energy Enhancement System falls right in alignment with that. The Bible states that the fruit shall serve as food and the leaves shall serve for healing. That’s what led me to become a master herbalist and to learn about nutrition and the benefits of fruits that grow above ground in the sunshine, and what the energies are of what grows below ground.

So we have our own privately labeled herbs and supplements designed to bring our clients back to healing and to support the EESystem.

Sonya Gordon

After experiencing how wonderful one functions and how well one feels during and after paying much-needed attention to the body with the correct consumption of food, herbs, and different treatments to help aid the body. I went on to quality as an Esthetician, Massage Therapist, and Certified Natural Health and Lifestyle Professional.

Working in the UK, Eastern, and Western Caribbean, and now in the US, I have assisted many in their healing journey and have realized that the body is very obedient and will respond to the energy that it is given. Through this journey of always seeking natural modalities to help the body I came upon The Energy Enhancement System, and within some hours in the EESystem myself, along with Dr. Shea found that we had some miraculous results.

We decided that we would delight in helping to bring awareness of this technology to people, and so Manifest Wellness Spa was birthed. We have poured a lot of love into our center and have already borne witness along with tears of joy to many wonderful results from our members.